Ann's "vocal interpretations

Ann Kittredge is that rare thing today, she shines a light on the lyrics of a song. With a lovely voice a song becomes a story, each story compelling, witty or sad, real or stylized, but always fresh and exciting and a thrill to listen to.
Mel ShapiroTONY Winner, Director/Writer
Ann has a beautiful and expressive voice, perfect for telling stories in music.
Lynn AhrensLyricist
I am not often at a loss for words, but it has happened. The concert (it was indeed a concert as well as being a cabaret act -the latter sounds a little informal for the extraordinary level of music created) was really one of the finest, most satisfying, charming, touching, awe- inspiring evenings I've had in recent times. Perfect in every way from the song choices and their arrangements, to the band! Of course the girl-singer was a heartbreaking knockout! I was truly honored to be part of the proceedings.
"The Prince of Cabaret" Steve RossSpecial guest at the reIMAGINE Release Party and featured on the album