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They say everyone has a story to tell, and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to share so many of those stories through song. I’ve done it with the help of several accomplished music giants, including Wendy Cavett, Christopher Denny, Alex Rybeck, Steve Ross, and more. And honestly, this music is so amazing that it must be shared. So, along with producer Paul Rolnick, we are going into the recording studio. To make this happen with the right mix of talent and creativity, I am asking for your support. The extended “intermission” impacting live entertainment has put artists such as myself in a place to seek help from those that share a love of music. I hope you’ll join us on this intimate journey where both classic and contemporary will transcend to new heights leaving you moved by a myriad of emotions and yearning for a relationship or a moment in time that holds a special place in your heart. A journey that is reimagined and new once more. XXXOOO Ann

Movie Nite is coming to Birdland Theatre this Fall. Check back for details.

I am thrilled to tell you that we raised over $5,000.00 for the child HELP partnership! We surprised the audience with a special incentive and the winner received 2 tickets to a Broadway show! A warm and wonderful evening.

Virtual Shorts

is "wonderful, binge-worthy!" -- Stephen Mosher, BWW

We are coming back in August. Check back for details. We'll be announcing our special guests soon!

"Unwritten" with Sean Harkness & Christopher Denny, Episode 7

"Edelweiss" with Steve Ross and Christopher Denny

"Better Than Anything" with La Tanya Hall and Andy Milne

Ann’s critically acclaimed online performances have been pushing the envelope during this pandemic “intermission.” We are FIRST in remote live-streaming, and it's all possible thanks to my team, Christopher Denny and Matt Berman. Using the virtual music-collaborating platform, JamKazam, we and our guest artists perform, each in our separate homes, LIVE.

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